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We are a full service event company working with our clients to create innovative, impactful events that exceed their expectations and goals.  Our work includes entertainment, sports, non-profit, tradeshows, media stunts, talent appearances,

mall tours, corporate events and beyond.


We excel in working with a wide variety of clients to bring the most cutting edge, exciting and creative ideas to life. We create event experiences that successfully highlight our clients product or brand – having a direct effect on social media impressions, sales, downloads, publicity hits and overall awareness.


We have unique offerings that keep costs under control…

  • A warehouse house filled with an unprecedented collection of event furniture

  • Custom fabrication capabilities and build facilities for:

  • Custom furniture, tradeshow booth props and show set replication.

  • Tailor-made event details and specially curated branding elements.


We love working with all types of clients on all types of events… no event and budget

is too big or too small!


Most importantly, we are a team of people who love what we do!

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